Questions I would ask the State Engineer

Some question I would ask the OSE reps:
· What is the relationship of the Entrada Aquifer to Arch Hurley Conservancy District? How much water can AHCD claim in this aquifer?

· What is the water law concerning the sale of water (not water rights) from one watershed to another? A statement of the statute would be helpful.
o Does the OSE give approval without publication?

· When an application is made to the OSE to appropriate ground water from the Canadian River Basin and a protest is filed, why does the OSE require the protester to prove that the application will infringe on the Canadian River flow? The OSE’s administrative rules for this basin requires the applicant to prove that there will be no infringement on the Canadian River flow. Requiring the protester to prove that there is an infringement is very expensive.

· Why is the OSE rep Tim Farmer concentrating on the acequia users of the tributaries to the Canadian River? Are these users bigger than the Antelope Valley irrigation district or the Vermejo irrigation district?

o My point that the bigger farmers and ranch impoundments are the ones that are probably capable of affecting the flow in the Canadian River, more than the acequia irrigators.

· Will the OSE protest the proposed re-establishment of the Essential Habitat designation below Ute Lake Dam for the Arkansas River Shiner?
o Any demand by other groups for more water could seriously impact our water rights in the Tucumcari Project.

· Would the OSE support a legislative adjudication for the Tucumcari Project of 3 ac. ft./irrigated acre delivered to the farm gate? Similar adjudication was done for the Carlsbad irrigation district.
o If yes, how to proceed?
o If no, why not?

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